Release 2020/01

We are happy to announce our 1st Feature Release of 2020 including a bunch of new features, improvements and bug fixes.

If you are a SoccerLAB customer don’t hesitate to ask for some extra explanations through the support channels.

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Push Notifications

Send a push notification for all ‘Calendar Appointments

  • Add the send push notification in the calendar as well


  • New Feature PAND-422
    Send a push notification for all ‘Calendar Appointments
  • New Feature PAND-394
    Add the send push notification in the calendar as well


  • SHB-5219 Copy application settings to notification host failed for a lot of customers
  • SHB-5218 Customers can not log in (NullReferenceException from login screen)
  • SHB-5217 Cannot invite additional users to medical appointments
    OD-50 As a user I want that the scores in shadow team – Globaal niveau – are ranked alphabetically
  • SHB-5165 Chart view of reports (scouting & personal development) remarks
  • LDP-13 Subject of medical appointments – not always the player name is used
  • PAND-801 Email notification fails when multiple users are selected having same email address
  • PAND-783 When sending a message via the mobile apps, to the mail of the users of a workgroup, the first email address of that workgroup is placed in the TO-field and thus visible for all users.
  • PAND-774 Expand text balloon in the personal development and wellness templates, so even when there is a lot of text it will all be readable.
  • PAND-802 Special characters/symbols show as “?” in email
  • LDP-27 Language of user Dietmar Kupnik switches between GER and ENG
  • OD-55 As a user I want to send an email using the email functionality to both of the email addresses that are part of my player profile
  • KGD-101 Editor in HTML not properly working for scouting
  • SKLD-8 As a user I can select players that are not part of my team/club when inserting GPS (polar) data
  • PCD-86 As a user I want to edit the General impression, Perspective score and General comment of a Player Report Template – Scores and comments of personal development cannot be edited once report is made and the report template is marked as GAME REPORT
  • RWD-34 iCal Synchronisation not working correctly (deleted and changed appointments)
  • SHB-5162 Group training schedule command is not filtering properly on seasonalteamid
  • SHB-5171 When grouping on teams inside the calendar the team trainings are shown double inside the calendar
  • SHB-5155 Personal development – It is not possible to EDIT reports without a “Template” linked to it
    AA-445 5.1.1 Make sure closing an injury is also setting the allowed to play games to true
  • PAND-653 werkt niet
  • SHB-5044 Team training – As an end user i want to see the planned and executed topics in a proper way
  • SHB-5176 Some columns of imported tracking or performance data are not shown inside the user interface
  • SHB-5054 Video upload – when sharing a Video while uploading it, NO notifications are send (when you set the tickbox to send an email)
  • AA-473 AZ – cannot select the “AZ Team overview” (players and staff) inside the dashboard manager
  • RWD-93 Reporting server not working
  • PCD-101 Personal info agent not loading and only visible after selecting ‘edit’
  • SHB-5153 Team anthropometry – Sum of skinfolds – 10skinfold – the screen only shows 9 data fields
  • KGD-95 Technical Directors that should work across multiple teams are not automatically subscribed in a tournament team and thus they do not see the games in their calendar (my appointments)
  • RWD-78 Wellbeing History of player – do not limit the scale to 5 because 10 scale is used
  • RWD-70 Calculated score of player evaluations in team profile list view shown incorrectly (referring to 10 scale instead of 5 scale)

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SoccerLAB & TennisLife join The Cronos Group

We are very pleased to announce that QuESD NV has become part of The Cronos Group as of 5th of April 2018.

The Cronos Group is the largest tech group in Belgium with more than 4,500 employees active in various sectors.
The group strongly believes in QuESD NV and its products SoccerLAB and TennisLife and want to support growing both applications internationally.

We expect this acquisition to result in positive changes. Our offices remain in Diepenbeek (Belgium), Weilerswist (Germany), Hyderabad (India) and continue to guarantee the quality you have come to expect from us in recent years.

This partnership gives us the financial strength and technical expertise to allow SoccerLAB and TennisLife to grow further. We are convinced that we can guarantee an even better service going forward.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us .