SoccerLAB Core Data Service

SoccerLAB delivers on daily basis more than 70000 up to date players, 3000 teams, 1000 clubs and matches from all over the world

SoccerLAB installs your own central database. This database can be prefilled and permantly updated with data coming from our master database.

Each hour our synchronization services will update your database with new and up to date information related to players, teams, clubs, tournaments and matches.

Data modified or added by the will remain untouched and secured.

Available on premise or in the cloud.




  • Permantent updates
  • More than  70000 players
  • More than 1000 mathches world wide
  • Amateur clubs in several countrys                
  • Perfectly structured


  • Game info within a few hours
  • Save a lot of work at the club
  • Consistent information
  • Quality of information
  • Actual up to date info 



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