SoccerLAB Match Index Service

Innovative support for scouting and match analysis. We analyze up to 2000 actions per match of complete leagues and competitions.

Professional analysts and scouts having years of experience, analyze each match with a standardized scientific catalogue which includes all important match actions. All these actions are related to a player. A customer can use this Match Index Service for an extensive team and player analysis.

A customer can choose which leagues or competitions he wants to order. 




  • Pre-analyzed matches of complete leagues
  • Match actions coupled to one or more players
  • Up to 2000 actions per match
  • Duels, Score attempts, Corners, Free Kicks, Goals...
  • Multiple leagues
    • Premier League
    • Champions League
    • 1. Bundesliga Germany
    • 2. Bundesliga Germany
    • World Cup
    • European Championship
    • Eredivisie Netherlands
    • Pro League Belgium
    • Austrian Bundesliga
    • Denmark
    • Sweden
    • Poland
    • Romania
    • Switserland
    • Brasil
    • All others on request!


  • Fast match analysis
  • Less work to edit videos and presentations
  • Objective data for scouting evaluations
  • Extensive database with a selective handling
  • Club-own data
  • Objective data of player and teams on demand
  • Fast preparation of the upcoming opponent





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