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SoccerLAB Video- and Game Analysis (2)

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FAQ (2)

SoccerLAB Video- and Game  Analysis

Live capturing complete setup

Hardware setup / requirements

Please have a look over here

Camera settings

Make sure your camera output settings are correctly configured

  1. Check that HDMI output is enabled
  2. For medium performance computer it is best to set the output to 720P having max 24 to FPS (frames / second)
  3. For high end performance computer you can set the output to 1080p 24 fps or higher

Computer settings

Now configure your settings within your computer.

  1. Make sure the Avermedia U3 capture box is installed and coupled correctly using a real USB3 port
  2. Couple the HDMI out signal of the camera to the HDMI input of the capture device
  3. Make sure the computer is on high performance mode
  4. The FPS coming from the camera have to be exactly the same  FPS as the capture pin (sometimes automatically detected)
    1. FPS coming from camera can be seen inside the extreme cap recentral software or settings on the camera
    2. FPS settings can be changed in our software when configuring the capture pin of the recording device as seen in screenshots below
    3. configuringfps
    4. configcapturepin
    5. The FPS overe here has to be the same as the FPS of the HDMI output signal on the camera.
    6. frameratecamsettings
  5. Best to use mp4 container and h264 codec to record / capture  the video

Start capturing

  1. Don’t forget to press the whistle button when the referee starts the game
  2. Use the L key to go to live video during the capturing
    1. Can be used at all times in the annotation screen when capturing is happening

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