System requirements

The system requirements for SoccerLAB Video Analysis Pro vary depending on the movie content you are handling. Especially the CPU / GPU power needed to handle SD vs HD footage is different.

Operating System

Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista

Windows 10 is NOT yet tested, so we do not guarantee our software will work, we recommend using windows 7/8 for now.

We recommend windows 7 / 8.

  • Note: It is possible to run our software on an Apple mac book pro or IMac using Bootcamp and a windows installation. Make sure you have 8GB RAM inside the system. It’s also possible inside a parallels or vmware fusion environment but this is not recommended.

Processor (CPU)

SD (Standard Definition) video footage

Core i5 + good graphical card having GPU

HD Ready video footage

Fast Core i5 or i7 + good graphical card having GPU

HD (High definition) video footage

Core i7 (8 cores) + good graphical card having GPU

Graphics Processor (GPU)

We recommend to buy systems having GPU acceleration cards from ATI (AMD) or NVIDIA.

  • Note: We strongly recommend that you update your graphics card driver to the latest version


4GB ( Recommended 8GB or more )

Hard Disk

300 MB free space is needed to install the productNote: When working with digital video you need a lot of storage. You can choose to work with a big internal hard disk or external hard disks. When using external hard disks we recommend USB3.0 on your system.Note: SSD storage is affordable nowadays. When working using HD footage we recommend SSD storage.


Resolution: 1024 x 768 ( Recommended: 1920x1080. Especially when using HD footage )

Internet Connection

  • Internet connection required for initial software activation
  • Internet connection required to receive notifications about automatic updates

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