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For Marketing departments, business developers and digital managers at sports organisations

Tifosi: The missing link to hyperpersonalisation

» Centralize all fan-related operational, transactional, and behavioral data

»  Increase understanding of fans and their behavior

For SoccerLAB Key-users

Dashboard Management

How to manage dashboards on different levels

» club

» team

» player

For scouts, technical directors, academy management, SoccerLAB Key-users

Release 2021/01

All new features and improvements delivered within Release 2021/1.

» new widgets

» new features in scouting

» new print functionality in the medical overview

For performance staff, green keepers and everyone interested in optimizing player’ performance

Player centered Pitch Analytics

Raw Stadia offers a solution to enable club staff to objectively measure and monitor their stadium and training surfaces. Clubs can use the surface data in combination with their performance and medical data to better inform training loads, injury risk, return to play, recovery and match day decision making

For coaches, academy management, video analysts, SoccerLAB key-users

Video analysis as part of player development

In this webinar, we show you the possibilities on having players analysing their own played games in our video tagging tool.

For coaches, academy management, video analysts, SoccerLAB key-users

BrainsFirst - How cognitive data improves talent decisions

How can cognitive data help improving talent decisions? Football is, in many ways, a brain game. No wonder that an elite player excels at specific brain skills, too.

In this webinar, BrainsFirst explains the added value of their tool and the integration into SoccerLAB.

Past Webinars


For coaches, academy management, video analysts, SoccerLAB key-users

SK Rapid Akademie – Interactive use of SoccerLAB

SoccerLAB Key-User for the Coaching Area and U16 Coach David Gattinger will show best practices of Rapid Wien, how they have used SoccerLAB with their players before the Corona crisis, during the toughest time and which benefit they take out of that experience for the regular workflows in the future

For scout, head of scouting, coaches/ass. Coaches, video analysts

Scout App & Video App

In this SoccerLAB Academy we will show all options from our brand new Scout app and the new Video app

For sportdirectors, technical directors, youth academy management, coordinators, coaches, head scouts & scouts

Using our mobile apps

Michael will present the advantages of our most popular mobile apps and how they support your daily work. He’ll highlight the Player App, Coach App, Scout App and Club App during the webinar.

For doctors, physiotherapist, physical Coaches

Medical Management 2 - Follow up on your athletes injuries + getting the basics right

Siebe will demonstrate how to keep track of every (para)medical appointment, how to create a medical diary for each player and how to manage anthropometry data.

For doctors, physiotherapist, physical Coaches

Medical Management 1 - create & manage new injuries/illnesses + communication

How to manage injuries, show different methods of creating an injury, explain the communication functionalities with coaching staff and reporting options.

For coaches, trainers, ass. coaches, ass. trainers, performance staff

Details of team evaluation & pre- post-game analysis

Don’t miss out on these useful tools!

For coaches/trainers, assistant Coaches/assistant Trainers, operational, performance staff

Game Management - All data & info around your games

We will guide you through all the tabs we have within a game!
From general info to the GPS/Tracking tab.

For head scouts, scouts, administrative staff, SoccerLAB key-users

Scouting - from planning to shadow team

How to schedule your scouting activities by using different tools in SoccerLAB. Manage the scouting appointments for the professional scouting as well as for your youth scouting. Get finally complete overviews per scout or groups of scouts.

For team managers, trainer/coaches, performance coaches

Team Training - How to manage your full sessions

Topics: Manage a full session
– General, invited users, content, attended players, attended staff, time registration, couple documents, couple videos, upload GPS/tracking data

For operational staff, team managers, trainer/coaches

Team Training - Manage your exercise library & plan your sessions

Topics: exercise library, default templates, team training planning

For operational staff, team managers, trainer/coaches, administrative users

Player profile management - CRM

Topics: personal info, addresses, guardians/parents, personal identities, social media/hyperlinks, bank accounts, school

For all SoccerLAB users (except players and parents)

Club administration & Club app

Are you looking for an easy way to manage your club’s administration & communication? Watch Robert’s webinar and find out how to: manage your calendar, manage your documents, invite and share, notify users, manage your team & player calendar

For Video Analyst, Trainer/Coaches, Assistant Coaches

Analyze your games & players

Want to maximize the results of your video analyses? Find out how you can create playlists, combine playlists, share videos and playlist, create drawings.

For Video Analyst, Trainer/Coaches, Assistant Coaches

Video uploading/coupling & labelsets

Are you looking to create a clear overview for all your video analyses? Now’s your chance! Watch this and learn more about uploading, coupling & tagging your videos in SoccerLAB !

For Youth academy directors, Coordinators, Coaches, Key-Users within SoccerLAB & Psychologists

Player Evaluation & Template Management

Internal players can be evaluated in different ways. Michael teaches you how to prepare your own evaluation templates and how to use them, including best practices.

For Head Scout, Scouts, Key-Users within SoccerLAB & Coordinators

Your reports & shadow teams

Get insights on which different workflows are possible to enter your scout reports, which settings can be used within report templates & how you can filter out the most interesting players. Includes best practices for shadow team functions.

For everyone who is interested in how playing surfaces influence players.

Pitch Management with RawStadia

Raw Stadia allows for  the inclusion of the playing surface conditions into the data suites of performance & medical departments. Find out how playing surfaces influence a player’s performance & welfare.

For Head Scouts, Scouts, Administrative Staff & SoccerLAB Key-Users

Your Scouting plan in SoccerLAB

Michael explains how you can schedule your scouting activities by using different tools in SoccerLAB. He also talks about managing appointments & getting complete overviews per scout or groups of scouts. 

For all SoccerLAB users, except players & parents

How to communicate with your players during COVID-19

A special Webinar on quarantine communication and how to keep your players engaged and fit with SoccerLab.

For all SoccerLAB users, except players & parents

Release 2020/02

Check out the latest features from SoccerLAB release 2020/2!

For Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Performance Coaches, Video Analysts, Key-Users within SoccerLAB & Coordinators

Using External Data sources in SoccerLAB

Clubs are getting data from different suppliers and tools: Objective and subjective Match Event Data, GPS Data, Game Statistics and more. Watch how you can benefit from these external data sources in SoccerLAB.

For Key-Users within SoccerLAB, Technical Directors, Head of academy, Coaches & Assistant Coaches

Player & Staff Development/Evaluation

In this Webinar, Robert explains how to fill in reports about players, fill in reports about technical staff, compare reports, how to setup a report and report templates.

For Everyone interested in new ways of engaging fans with a low investment treshold.

Fan Engagement with AR

Ward discusses three different types of approaches to engage fans with the organization by using Augmented Reality technology. Each approach connects fans closer to the organization.

For Key-Users within SoccerLAB, Technical Directors, Head of academy, Coaches & Assistant Coaches

Tag Management

Are you looking to organize your team or scouts better in 2020? Look no further! Michael Pauls tells you all about tag management in our SoccerLAB platform.

For All SoccerLAB club administrators

Managing Dashboards

Learn how to create main dashboards for dashboard roles, create dashboards per team, create dashboards for an internal player, see the difference between links and widgets, show an external URL on your dashboard and how to embed a website on your dashboard.

For everyone who wants to get the know the most efficient way in benchmarking internal and external players during the scouting or internal evaluation process.


With Comparisonator scouts & coaches can compare potential signings within seconds with alternative players on defending, attacking and other skills.

SoccerLAB & TennisLife join The Cronos Group

We are very pleased to announce that QuESD NV has become part of The Cronos Group as of 5th of April 2018.

The Cronos Group is the largest tech group in Belgium with more than 4,500 employees active in various sectors.
The group strongly believes in QuESD NV and its products SoccerLAB and TennisLife and want to support growing both applications internationally.

We expect this acquisition to result in positive changes. Our offices remain in Diepenbeek (Belgium), Weilerswist (Germany), Hyderabad (India) and continue to guarantee the quality you have come to expect from us in recent years.

This partnership gives us the financial strength and technical expertise to allow SoccerLAB and TennisLife to grow further. We are convinced that we can guarantee an even better service going forward.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us .