Feature Release 2020/4

We are happy to announce our 4th Feature Release of 2020 including a bunch of new features, improvements and bug fixes.

If you are a SoccerLAB customer don’t hesitate to ask for some extra explanations through the support channels.

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SoccerLAB Academy - Release 2020_4 - IG

SoccerLAB Academy: Release 2020/4

In this SoccerLAB Academy we will show you all new features and improvements delivered within Release 2020/4. It includes several new options inside the Scouting Module, new hyperlink features on player profiles, a daily availability report per team and …

For whom:
– Key-Users
– Project- and Application Manager
– Head of Scouting / Scouts
– Coaches
– Administrative Staff


Twitter Timeline

Twitter Timeline in player profiles

Link the personal twitter account of a player to his dashboard to show the twitter timeline directly.

Daily availability report

Daily availability report

To manage your daily trainings a new availability report can be created. It is based on information entered in the medical module and game statistics, and it can be combined with manual information.

ticketing in scouting report

Ticketing in scouting appointments

Emails for ticket requests will be generated on several data fields, e.g. the personal data of the invited scout, based on the selection of the user. Additionally, the language of the email can be selected.

shadow team

Calculate your shadow teams by managing own filters

You can manage your own filters to calculate shadow teams. These filters can be re-used and adapted by your own settings. E.g. calculate the best team based on nationality, birthdate and tournament…


  • Advanced reports: new visualization about cards in games
  • Squad Management: improved selection of regular and non-regular players
  • Player Profile: add any hyperlink directly on the dashboard of a player
  • Game Management: select your line up based on attended players and access medical information inside the attendance list
  • Task Management: filter tasks by users and duplicate tasks for other users and persons
  • Video Analysis: Improved kick off settings when importing game data and import option for Sportscode V12 files
  • Video Management: Browse your videos by category
  • Team Training: Adapted order of tabs inside the training sessions
  • Team Training: new daily availability report as widget on the team dashboard
  • Medical: Share injuries directly when creating/editing them
  • Calendar documents: Share documents directly when attaching them to a (new) appointment
  • Scouting: player list view shows now if additional comments are entered for a player
  • Scouting: player list view shows now the shadow teams of a player (incl. the filter option by shadow team(s))
  • Scouting Planner: select now custom time ranges to display and schedule scouting appointments
  • Scouting Planner: assign the scouting source inside a scouting appointment and check the source also in the list view
  • Scouting Appointment: set a due date till when the scout has to enter the report(s)
  • Shadow Teams: calculate a team based on your filter settings and show/hide entry date of a player inside a shadow team
  • Scout report templates: define mandatory criteria inside a template, which a scout always has to fill
  • Document Sharing: share several documents with users and workgroups in one step

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SoccerLAB & TennisLife join The Cronos Group

We are very pleased to announce that QuESD NV has become part of The Cronos Group as of 5th of April 2018.

The Cronos Group is the largest tech group in Belgium with more than 4,500 employees active in various sectors.
The group strongly believes in QuESD NV and its products SoccerLAB and TennisLife and want to support growing both applications internationally.

We expect this acquisition to result in positive changes. Our offices remain in Diepenbeek (Belgium), Weilerswist (Germany), Hyderabad (India) and continue to guarantee the quality you have come to expect from us in recent years.

This partnership gives us the financial strength and technical expertise to allow SoccerLAB and TennisLife to grow further. We are convinced that we can guarantee an even better service going forward.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us .