SoccerLAB Video Analysis Pro

Everything you need to analyze your matches

SoccerLAB Video Analysis Pro is a complete tool to analyze your recorded matches in a digital way.

It fully supports SD and HD footage coming from files or live video streams.

The ease of use will get you started within minutes!




Introduce uniformity inside a club or organization

When working together inside an organization, it is important all analysts can work in a uniform way.

To achieve this goal it is possible to create multiple sets of labels and attributes which can be exchanged afterwards with your colleagues.

Each label and attribute is globally unique to boost uniformity inside the club or organization.

Even if users start translating labels into their own language, a goal will alwyas stay a goal.

Easily compose your own labels and labelsets in a graphical way

The analysis software provides a graphical way of creating your label and buttons. We apply the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) principle.

The colors, layout and text can be visually designed.

This layout and colors are reflected within all our tools.

Going from our mobile, desktop and online analysis software.



Export HD video footage into HD clips without loosing quality

Nowadays HD is becoming the standard when recording digital video. Our software supports HD video without a breeze using graphical card decoding (GPU) when possible.

Your resulting clips can be exported in all kinds of formats. Our professional encoding engines will keep the resulting HD output in the best quality possible.

Brand your clips

In our software it is possible to easily integrate your own graphics between each annotation inside a clip. This gives you endless possibilities to integrate your own touch and style inside the video clips.



Easily draw on top of your video and mix it into your final clips

It is easy to draw your own graphics on top of each annotation you made. These graphics are automatically mixed inside your resulting video clips.

Upload your video clips into our video library or clip sharing solutions

To share your videos you can easily upload them inside our video libraries or clip sharing solutions.

These online platforms make it possible to see your clips on all kinds of devices ranging from PC to mobile IPad and Android devices.



Start analyzing live using our Android applications

Our mobile apps are made available on Android. Tagging your game live has never been easier.

You can also analyze the game with multiple people. After the match you just synchronize the data back into the analysis application running on your computer.

In combination with our SoccerLAB Central Application the data will synchronize automatically during the game. This means everybody inside the club has access to the data immediately during and after the match.

Record your video live while analyzing the game

The software provides a video capturing mode during the game which records your video when you are performing live analysis. This video can be recorded in SD and HD format.

During the live analysis it is possible to jump back and forward inside the already recorded video. You can even start drawing on top of the video while recording.



Exchange your analysis data

The software provides import and export functions to easily exchange your data with your colleagues.

Like this you can bring all the analysis data together on one computer giving you a great final result.

Produce clips covering multiple games

It has never been so easy to combine your video annotations coming from multiple matches into one video clip.

Using our extensive and fast search possibilities it is very easy to find your wanted annotations created during one or several seasons.



Multiple video formats are supported

The analysis software supports multiple video formats ranging from Mpeg, Mpeg2, MP4 (H264, H263, AAC-LC, MPEG Audio) up to MTS and M2TS.

Smartboard support

To teach your players tactical situations it is now very easy to draw inside the video using smartboard.

The drawings are not on top of the software but really inside the video ready to be saved as a new video annotation for your analysis.



Present your clips using our presentation tool

You can export your clips having additional presentation data. These additional files can be opened inside the SoccerLAB Video Presenter for presentation.

You can install multiple video presenters inside your club. This makes it possible to distribute and show your resulting presentations through out the club.

Professional video production possibilities using Magix

When you are a professional video editor and you still miss some features inside our clip production engine, no worries.

You can easily export your video compilations as a Magix project. This project file can be opened inside the Magix Video Edit Pro software... You can now enhance the final clip as much as you want.


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